Trisha, The Reynosos’s: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Aliens

Scan 2I realised it has been a while since I posted a portrait here, so I decided to do a quick painting of Trisha from MelanieScribble’s The Reynosos’s: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Aliens. This piece is a mixture of pen-sketching, watercolour and digital art. Because Trisha is an alien and a highly successful scientist who made a ‘game-changing’ invention (you’ll have to read the story to find out what that was), I wanted to create something slightly different and a bit modern.  I experimented first with a pen. I drew a very loose sketch of Trisha with only the basic shading. The idea was to express only her basic features, focusing primarily on her personality, which is confident and determined. I then coloured the shaded areas, the eyes and her creases with blue crayons.  Afterwards, I scanned the image and put it through Photoshop, where I played around with filters, to give her a a look more like cubism. I then printed the image and painted over the picture with watercolour, before scanning it again and putting her through Photoshop to edit. To me, the act of using the contrasting filter on her in Photoshop gives her an ‘otherworldly’ glow. I think it’s very fitting, given that she is an alien. She actually has grey hair in the story, but I wanted the hair to match the eyes, so I made it black for the picture.

Overall, I enjoyed painting Trisha. She’s intelligent, interesting and she’s an alien – what more can you want in a character? XD

If you like reading about alien scientists and warring families, then The Reynosos’s: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Aliens is for you. Plus… there are some very cute pics in there too.

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