Taurus Edmonds, Keeping Up With The Edmonds

Scan 4.jpegSo this was a quick sketch for Taurus Edmonds, one of the two protagonists from ChocoCub’s simLit, Keeping Up With The Edmonds. It’s a story about a young couple, Claudia and Taurus, facing some tough decisions at work. Edmonds is portrayed as ruthless, yet cheeky and, according to his wife, immature. The sketch is taken out of the prologue which is written form Claudia’s P.O.V where she is describing what she thinks of him. I decided to go with a loose sketch because I felt the character had enough personality to carry it off. I love Taurus’s eyes. There’s so much vulnerability in them, which makes me wonder if there’s more to him than ruthlessness and immaturity.

Over all, the screenshot I based this sketch off has to be my favourite picture of the chapter because it contrasts so well with the wife’s observations.

So far there’s only the prologue up of Keeping Up With The Edmonds, but I hope we’ll be getting more chapters someday. I want to know more about this Taurus fellow. XD

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