America, The Swanson Legacy


Hi everyone. Here’s a digital painting of America from MadameLee’s The Swanson Legacy. America is the current heir, who is based on the fairytale princess, Cinderella. However, the tale has a modern twist. What I love about MadameLee’s legacy is that she incorporates a lot of references to other literature and film, which is why I took a pop art approach to this painting as a nod to MadameLee’s style of storytelling. Just like MadameLee, the pop art movement references to popular culture to express their themes and ideas. This isn’t entirely a pop art painting as I wanted to add some individuality to it.


5 thoughts on “America, The Swanson Legacy

  1. Wow… just found this blog and you are SO talented!! I especially love how you come with different styles based on traits of the characters you’re drawing. Absolutely love this, and will definitely be following!


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