Joaquin and Brittany, Fitzgerald Family Fables

Purplishsimeater simsToday I finished painting Joaquin and Brittany from PurplishSimEater’s Fitzgerald Family Fables . 

This piece took me the most time to complete, only because there were so many layers to it. Brittany, specifically, needed a lot of layers, because of the angle that she is at in the portrait. The way the light reflects off her face creates many shades.

I thought this lighting was  very fitting, however, because of Brittany’s persona in the tale. Don’t get me wrong, Brittany is not a ‘shady’ character, but she is a character that carries a ‘composed’ demeanour. She can sometimes come across as someone who has a firm grasp on her life and she knows exactly where she is heading. However, on the inside, we, as the readers know this is not always the case. Therefore, Brittany has many layers to her and many shadows.

Joaquin is not as well lit as Brittany because of where he stands in the portrait. I also find his position very fitting for his character, because he is less known to the reader. Moreover, there was a time in the story when the lack of knowledge we had about Joaquin was actually an important part of the plot. However, just like Brittany, he is a character full of layers and surprises.

The skin tones are again, just like with Karilan’s Beth and Brooke, unrepresentative of the original characters. I have chosen a range of orange, browns and whites to make more striking contrasts and better express the lighting on the face.

Overall, I absolutely loved painting Joaquin and Brittany. They are such interesting characters and I certainly recommend checking out the Fitzgerald Family Fables, if you enjoy good character driven tales and characters that are full of quirks and surprises. XD