Purple Week: Aspen, Goofy Love

Aspen, Gen 5 - Gen 6- Goofy Love

In honour of Purple Week, I have decided to volunteer to draw sims from various simlits and legacies who have died.

The first sim I have sketched is Aspen, from CathyTea’s legacy Goofy Love. 

Aspen was actually the reason why Purple Day began and even, when Aspen’s daughter, Sugar Maple, wrote a post in tribute to her late mother, called Purple is My Favourite Colour.

Something I love about sketching portraits is that you really get to know the character. Looking through pictures of Aspen, I gathered that, apart from her goofiness, because that’s obvious XD, she also really enjoyed life. In fact, she reminded me a lot of my Grandmother, which helped to express her personality – that and reading the legacy.

I thought what was most appropriate for Aspen was to blow up her face to an extreme close-up. There were a number of reasons why I did this. The main reason, besides me expressing her importance and significance as a sim, was because I wanted to take advantage of her big personality. She was bursting with personality, I just had to emphasise her gorgeous, playful eyes through zooming in on her face.

Overall, Aspen was a delight to draw, because of her fun, larger-than-life personality and I strongly recommend checking out, Goofy Love, if only to laugh at life’s quirks with Aspen. 🙂