Joaquin and Brittany, Fitzgerald Family Fables

Purplishsimeater simsToday I finished painting Joaquin and Brittany from PurplishSimEater’s Fitzgerald Family Fables . 

This piece took me the most time to complete, only because there were so many layers to it. Brittany, specifically, needed a lot of layers, because of the angle that she is at in the portrait. The way the light reflects off her face creates many shades.

I thought this lighting was  very fitting, however, because of Brittany’s persona in the tale. Don’t get me wrong, Brittany is not a ‘shady’ character, but she is a character that carries a ‘composed’ demeanour. She can sometimes come across as someone who has a firm grasp on her life and she knows exactly where she is heading. However, on the inside, we, as the readers know this is not always the case. Therefore, Brittany has many layers to her and many shadows.

Joaquin is not as well lit as Brittany because of where he stands in the portrait. I also find his position very fitting for his character, because he is less known to the reader. Moreover, there was a time in the story when the lack of knowledge we had about Joaquin was actually an important part of the plot. However, just like Brittany, he is a character full of layers and surprises.

The skin tones are again, just like with Karilan’s Beth and Brooke, unrepresentative of the original characters. I have chosen a range of orange, browns and whites to make more striking contrasts and better express the lighting on the face.

Overall, I absolutely loved painting Joaquin and Brittany. They are such interesting characters and I certainly recommend checking out the Fitzgerald Family Fables, if you enjoy good character driven tales and characters that are full of quirks and surprises. XD

Purple Week: Beth and Brook, How To Live With Grace

Scan 1This picture took a bit of time, but Karilan, the creator of the two sims, did say she had given me a challenge. These two sims enjoying some karaoke are the sisters, Beth and Brooke from Karilan’s How To Live With Grace. The chapter where this scene is from is actually a wordless chapter, which I think is done really articulately, and, as CathyTea writes in the comments, is very ‘heartwarming’ and ‘tender.’

I wanted to capture the fun these two sisters are having, so I decided to have fun as well and sort of splashed paint here and there, not really caring too much about accuracy of body proportions – Beth’s arm is quite extended, although it’s difficult to see because the paper was too big for my scanner. What you may have noticed with my painting, however, is that neither of the character’s skin-tones matched the ones in real life. Why I did this is because I wasn’t going for representation, but more interpretation of emotion, so warmer colours – as you can see I use a lot of reds on the skin – would best capture the’heartwarming’ theme of the chapter.

Another thing I did was leave in my mistakes, such as plaint blotches and pencil lines – although I do this in most of my artwork. Here, it has a different meaning. It’s about the history of the two, taking the rough with the smooth. They’ve had their hard times, but today they are having a really good time. It’s not called How To Live With Grace for nothing. XD

These two sisters were, overall, so much fun to draw. Seriously, I am rather sad it’s over. How To Live With Grace is definitely worth a read, if you want to know how to make an effective wordless chapter.


Purple Week: Carly and Wade, The Swanson Legacy

Scan 1MadameLee’s Carly and Wade from, The Swanson Legacy is my second drawing for Purple Week. I decided to go for a water colour because I thought it best suited the chapter where Carly falls for Wade. After all, The Swanson Legacy uses a fairytale medium – although, don’t be disillusioned, they’re about as light as a Grimm’s fairytale. Maybe I should have gone for a Gothic painting instead. XD

Having said that, although I don’t want to give away any spoilers, because I think this legacy’s worth a read – particularly Carly’s arc (I just love spoilt teenagers), this particular phase of Carly in the picture, is something rather magical and worthy of a watercolour. I won’t say what it is, but I’ll say the picture’s a hint. Okay, now I’ll be quiet.

I was actually quite worried about how the picture was going to turn out, since I used the wrong paper for watercolour! (silly me. XD). However, I think the picture turned out alright in the end and the kind of messy look gives it a bit of charm.

Overall, I was so excited to be given the opportunity to draw Carly. She is a wonderful character, even when she was a bit of handful and I certainly recommend checking out The Swanson Legacy.

Purple Week: Aspen, Goofy Love

Aspen, Gen 5 - Gen 6- Goofy Love

In honour of Purple Week, I have decided to volunteer to draw sims from various simlits and legacies who have died.

The first sim I have sketched is Aspen, from CathyTea’s legacy Goofy Love. 

Aspen was actually the reason why Purple Day began and even, when Aspen’s daughter, Sugar Maple, wrote a post in tribute to her late mother, called Purple is My Favourite Colour.

Something I love about sketching portraits is that you really get to know the character. Looking through pictures of Aspen, I gathered that, apart from her goofiness, because that’s obvious XD, she also really enjoyed life. In fact, she reminded me a lot of my Grandmother, which helped to express her personality – that and reading the legacy.

I thought what was most appropriate for Aspen was to blow up her face to an extreme close-up. There were a number of reasons why I did this. The main reason, besides me expressing her importance and significance as a sim, was because I wanted to take advantage of her big personality. She was bursting with personality, I just had to emphasise her gorgeous, playful eyes through zooming in on her face.

Overall, Aspen was a delight to draw, because of her fun, larger-than-life personality and I strongly recommend checking out, Goofy Love, if only to laugh at life’s quirks with Aspen. 🙂

Portrait one: Henry, Friends of Foes


ScanSo my first portrait is of the protagonist, Henry, from my simlit, Friends of Foes. There’s a crease in my picture, which is a bit unfortunate. Will be more careful with my next sketch.

I decided to draw him fairly close to the original sim, but also make him a little more realistic looking at the same time. Having said that, I like to go for a more expressionistic (but only very slightly) style with my sketches to  better express the personality of the characters, hence I have a habit of spending ages on the eyes and forgetting about the body. XD

In this case, Henry is a troubled sim, which is why I have him staring into the distance (how deep!). I think the eyebrows help create the troubled, but thoughtful look too. They slightly stoop in the middle. It always amazes me how subtleties of expression completely change a person’s look. If I had the eyebrows completely straight, he’d probably look quite serious. If I had, however, the eyebrows on a curve like a humpbacked bridge, he’d look rather surprised instead.

Something I always struggle with is symmetry, which is another reason why I started this project, because sims are very symmetrical. Henry’s head is on a slight angle, which means the rest of his face would be on an angle too. How you ensure that the facial features are perfectly aligned is by drawing parallel lines where the features of the face should be. Sometimes, though, I have a tendency to not want to make things perfectly aligned, but almost aligned, because it makes the picture slightly disconcerting and you don’t quite know why. I didn’t intend to do that with this picture.

Anyway, overall, I think he turned out okay. Not perfect, but if it was up to me, I’d be tweaking him forever. XD

Next week I’ll attempt the secondary character from Friends of Foes, Adrian.

I am also looking to sketch characters from other simlits and legacies, so if you have a character you would like me to sketch and feature on this blog, please either message me on the sims forums or email me at